A birthday wish: Bucket lists and provocations


There’s something about 29.

It’s the last year of your twenties. It’s the missing day of the month in 3/4s of all Februarys. 29 is on the brink, it’s hitting your stride, it’s cresting the hill, but not quite over. It’s… well… something. It makes you feel strangely old and young at the same time. (Much like you are both of these people simultaneously.) It’s a number. It’s just a number. But there’s something strangely motivating about it.

Because this is a year of risks and leaps, I think it’s about time I start seriously thinking about my bucket list. In the spirit of social accountability, I’ve already started on one of the items on the list –"train and complete a triathlon." I’m conditioning. Slowly. Dusting off rusty marathoning skills, enjoying the promise of Chicago’s bikeability, and starting the very humbling task of learning to swim properly. (Yes, I can swim. I play a mean marco polo and can get myself from point A to B, but when it comes to breathing and efficient breaststrokes? I’m a novice.) It feels nice to fall in the rhythm of a goal. It makes me want more.

So, for my birthday this year, I’m enlisting your help to inspire and challenge me. Take no more than five minutes on this simple task.

Fill my bucket list.

I’m all up for crowdsourcing inspiration. Add your ideas and I’ll definitely consider them. What’s one experience I should add to my bucket list?

Share your bucket list.

What do you want to get to in the next year, next ten, or this lifetime? Share it. It’s like a secret accountability buddy. What's one thing on your bucket list?

Craft a Sunday question.

This year I’ve been living in many questions: questions that explore relationships, provocations for living a good life, or decisions about career and work. I admire a few friends who are especially adept at this art of thoughtful provocation (Neil, Zak, Victor, Nils, Sarah, Sami... to name a few.) As a part of creating more ritual in my life, I want to spend a little time each week in more thoughtful reflection. I’d love to invite you– friends, thinkers, collaborators–to be a part of this weekly meditation. Share a question–big or small, serious or lighthearted– for me to ponder in this weekly ritual.

So, that’s it. My 29th birthday wish. If you want to join in – click here to share a bucket list inspiration or weekly provocation. Thanks for being with me all these trips around the sun. Here’s to many more journeys of health, thoughtfulness, adventure, and love. I’m grateful to be surrounded by some seriously incredible friends and family.